About Our Stone Dentistry Team

Choosing your dentist means entrusting a professional with your teeth and your smile, valuable assets that you do not want to entrust to just anyone. You want someone who has the experience and training to know what they're doing and the compassion to do so with care and compassion. The professional team at Stone Dentistry & Dentures are fully accredited in the field and through ongoing training, always know the latest techniques in modern dentistry.

When we hire staff at Stone Dentistry & Dentures, we not only review the academic credentials and experience a person has had, but look for a friendliness and concern for people that will translate to them being able to give our patients the positive, caring dental experience we want them to have. Since we believe in informing our patients at every step of the treatment process, we look for those who can communicate clearly and who have the ability to relate warmly to others.

We handpick our team at Stone Dentistry & Dentures to create a comfortable environment for you as we provide the best dental care in the area. See for yourself by calling us today at 315-214-0004 or click here.