Frequently Asked Questions About Your Dentures

Dentures become an option when your dentist cannot save your natural teeth. Stone Dentistry & Dentures offers you this comfortable, affordable way to chew naturally and look great.
Like your natural teeth, dentures give you a proper bite and a great smile. We make them from a synthetic product that will hold up for years.
When teeth are missing, you not only lose your ability to chew correctly, but your bone recedes, which changes your appearance. Dentures restore the smile and the ability to chew your food that you lose along with your natural teeth.
At Stone Dentistry & Dental, our dentures start at an economical $449* per plate. The cost of the dentures we offer varies depending on the materials and the manufacturing process. We will thoroughly explain the difference between the classes of dentures that we offer.

When you buy dentures, you need to keep in mind that they not only replace your natural teeth, but also take the abuse your natural teeth would take. The dentures you buy are an investment in your appearance, comfort, and confidence. We present several denture options so you can decide which will do the best for you.
The average dentures have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years. Like your natural teeth, they take abuse and become stained from eating and smoking. Over time, they lose their fit as your mouth and bone structure changes.

Keeping your dentures looking and fitting correctly requires that you see your dentist every year for a checkup and adjustment. If you start to experience irritation or slippage, call us at once.
When we fit you for dentures at Stone Dentistry & Dental, our goal is to make your dentures look and feel normal. To ensure a good fit, we prepare a wax model that allows both you and the dentist to see how the finished denture will look. We can make slight adjustments for fit and appearance at that point.

Once you have your finished dentures, you will have a brief period of adjustment when talking and eating. You will notice an instant difference in your appearance. Most new denture wearers marvel at how nice their smile is. Their facial lines are also less pronounced so that they feel more youthful and confident.
Once we placed your new dentures in your mouth at Stone Dentistry & Dentures, we will give you a few pointers about how to break them in. Learning to eat and chew with them usually takes a bit of practice.
Most new wearers report that after a week of wearing their new dentures, the teeth begin to feel more natural. The reason that having dentures are a big adjustment for some people is that they are a foreign object in the mouth. They feel too big and cause your mouth to produce too much saliva. It takes about 7 days for your facial muscles and oral tissues to adapt to the dentures.
Cleaning your dentures after a meal will help you prevent the buildup of stains and bacteria. To clean them, gently hold them between your thumb and fingers as you rinse them with warm water to remove food particles and germs. To prevent them from slipping from your hand and breaking, you should clean them over a towel or soft cloth.
Until you are used to having something in your mouth, you may sound different when you first get your dentures. Most people find their speech returns to normal once they are familiar with having the dentures in the mouth, but they can speed up the process by reading out loud.
Your Stone Dentistry dentist will recommend whether you should remove your dentures at night or keep them in. Most professionals recommend that you remove them at night to give your gums and tissues a time to rest, but the dentist will determine what is best for you.
Liners can prevent your dentures from irritating your mouth and slipping out of place. While you can buy store-bought liners, these over-the-counter products can damage your dentures and your mouth. If your dentures are bothering you, stop by our on-site dental clinic, so we can properly realign them while you wait. There is no charge for relining WorryFree dentures.
Dentures are the most economical way to replace missing teeth, but modern dentistry offers several alternatives. Your Stone Dentistry & Dentures professionals will present the available options and help you select the best tooth replacement for you, based on your appearance and budget.