Dental Implants | Cicero, NY

Implants are one of the best ways that modern dentistry has to replace teeth lost to disease, accidents, or extractions. The dentist places an artificial tooth root in the jaw that looks like a screw protruding from the gum. He then creates a screw-on crown that looks like a natural tooth. This process alleviates the need to have a denture, or partial plate in your mouth.

Because the implant is rooted in your gum, it provides the same stability to your gums as a natural tooth. Your teeth will not shift out of place and your smile will remain beautiful since your teeth remain in place.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Implants offer many advantages over fixed bridges and removable dentures that require support from other teeth:

1. Better appearance: Implants look more realistic and natural looking since they are embedded in your gum like natural teeth.

2. Reduced bone loss: Besides looking great, implants keep your gums stable and prevent the bone resorption or loss that occurs when teeth are removed.

3. Rooted for security: Special screws permanently attach implants to your mouth, so they are more secure than removable full or partial dentures. They can even stabilize bridges and dentures, if you need to replace several teeth.

4. Preserve natural tooth structure: The screws prevent other teeth from moving.

5. Long-lasting: In contrast to dentures that may need replacement every 5 to 7 years, implants, according to recent studies, can last 20 years or more.

When you need multiple teeth, bridges do the job by connecting with other teeth in the mouth. To install them, the dentist may remove or cut down other teeth that attach to the bridge. In contrast, implants do not impact other teeth because they are installed independently.

Admittedly, one problem with implants is that they are costly, which often makes a bridge a more economical alternative. If you have several missing teeth, a mini-implant can support a denture.

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