Mini Denture Implants: SnapFit Dentures - Mini-Denture Implant System Lock Your Dentures In Place With SnapFit

Mini-implants combine the economy of dentures with the greater effectiveness of dentures through the use of SnapFIt, an FDA-approved system of mini-implants, so that you will experience no more slipping dentures as you enjoy meals with confidence. Stone Dentistry & Dentures installs supports that a denture will simply snap onto.

There are many advantages to SnapFit:

How Does The Snapfit Mini Denture Implant System Fit?

When installing the SnapFit system, your dentist at Stone Dentistry & Dentures installs the miniature implant posts just as with any other implant. He will then either use your existing dentures or create new ones that will easily attach to the posts.

Almost instantly, you will start seeing the benefits of the SnapFit system. Within a few hours, you will once again be able to eat foods you avoided since you started wearing dentures to prevent a dental mishap.

Much more affordable than regular implants, SnapFit is easy to use and literally a snap to remove for cleaning. Once you're done, you can simply pop them back into place to feel younger, confident, and ready to smile.

SnapFit is a simple, effective system for you as a patient that you will only want to entrust to trained, experienced professionals. Your team of experts at Stone Dentistry & Dentures use the newest techniques of modern dentistry to install your SnapFit dentures system.

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