Tooth Extractions | Cicero, NY

Our goal at Stone Dentistry & Dentures is to help you keep your natural teeth, which are stabilized by your jawbone. When you lose teeth, you often experience bone loss that can impact other teeth and the general health of your mouth. When your natural teeth are too damaged for us to save them, our team of gentle professional dentists in Cicero will present your options and tell you honestly if extraction is the best approach for you.

When will we suggest pulling your tooth as the best approach? If it is cracked, broken or extensively decayed, extraction may be the best way to save your other teeth. The same thing is true for teeth that are nonfunctioning, poorly positioned in your mouth or distorted by periodontal disease.

While pulling your tooth might sound painful, we make the process as comfortable as possible. Extractions, when necessary, are all part of the process of providing you with the highest dental care in the Cicero/Syracuse area.

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